FBI-81: Suggester with Support for Filtering on Agency and Branch

Suggester service which supports agency/branch filtering

This suggester is based on the metadata fields for creator, title, and subject. It uses fuzzy matching, so typing and spelling errors will be handled to a certain degree. The suggester will suggest a work where possible. In some circumstances, this can be used to send a user directly from the suggester to a work page.


The service provides one POST method that accepts a json structure with the following keys as request body:

The requester must provide a valid authentication key as a bearer token in an Authentication header, encoded in base64. Here is an example of use:

      curl -H "Authorization: bearer ZTF...TokenTokenToken...E3" https://fbi81-suggester.dbc.dk/suggest -d '{"q": "erindr", "rows": 10, "agency": "874260", "branch": "Greve Gymnasium"}'

You can use this tool to encode your authentication key in base64. If you require a token, you can request one via DBC kundeservice.


Each response item consists of a term suggestion and some additional info. The objects consist of the following keys: